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As a hockey parent I cannot say enough about the results and positive experience we have enjoyed as a part of the Krivo School of Hockey. We are so lucky that he came to our home rink and brought this level of coaching to us.   My son has clearly progressed more in the single year we have been a part of the program than all his years in hockey combined.  Andrei and his staff have broken the game down to the most basic skills needed to succeed on the ice and he focuses his efforts on developing those skills.  The results are unreal! You can literally see players changing and growing and improving before your eyes. 

In previous years the kids would skate and do some drills and scrimmage…and they would basically come in to the season and leave the season as the same level of player.  My son came in to this past season as a kid who loved the game, but was probably a below average skater for his age group.  He left the season after intense training in the Krivo School of Hockey as a very strong skater and stick handler and his joy for the game has never been higher. You can just see the confidence in him when he plays.

The results were astounding for him and all the players on his team.  He played on a team that lost 10 of its 1st 11 games…and they lost by big numbers.  That same team against the same competition won 6 of its last 10 games and the losses were by a goal or two. His team had very little natural talent coming in and they left the season as a transformed group.  I cannot count the number of parents from other teams that asked me “what have you guys been doing since we played you last time?”  They were not seeing the same team they saw and beat easily earlier in the year. 

The energy Andrei brings and the level of commitment he gives to each child and their family is tremendous.  He works individually with each child on the specific things they need to work most on and he talks with the parents individually as well.  I also love that he demands a high level of discipline from his players on the ice.  Practices move along like clockwork…there is no wasted ice time…no drills with 2 kids playing and 15 kids watching… and you do not ever see kids goofing off... though they are have a great time.   My son looks forward to hockey practice now like no other event in the week. 

I never ever could imagine that so much progress could be made in one short year.   I can’t wait to see what another year can do…and most of all…what makes it worth the money to me,  is how much fun I see my son having with the game of hockey and I know that is something that will last forever.  That is priceless and we have Andrei Krivokrasov to thank for that.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Krivo School of Hockey to hockey players of all ages and abilities!

Patrick Bombardiere