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My son has been in learn to skate classes since he was three and then spent two years in the 8U Jr. Pioneers Hockey program at the University of Denver, but he just wasn’t improving compared to his teammates.  He had trouble listening to the coaches during practice, and just wasn’t engaged in the instruction. 

We signed him up for a winter camp with the Krivo School of Hockey and were amazed with his progress in just three days.  It’s like something simply clicked.  When we went back to DU after the camp I was approached by multiple parents asking me how our son improved so quickly.  Based on this feedback we soon joined the Krivo School of Hockey 8U tournament team (along with several of the parents who approached me) 

Over the course of nine weeks, coach Krivo worked with the team on the core skills of hockey including edge control, balance, puck handling, and stability.  I can honestly say that the level of improvement is astounding!  Through repetition, sound principles, and unique exercises, the children have progressed rapidly.  Instead of focusing on winning games, or fancy slap shots, the Krivo School of Hockey coaches focus on what’s important, player development. 

There is no doubt in my mind that a player who goes through this program will come out a better skater then when they came in.

I would enthusiastically recommend the Krivo School of Hockey to anyone.  If you are serious about your child’s development as a hockey player, there is absolutely no better program in Colorado.  Its worth every penny.

Sean Gaydos