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Our son started skating as a 4 year old  Three years later we were impressed at his ability and skill level until our team played Krivo School of Hockey in the spring of 2010.  Not only were their kids cognitively aware of the rules of the game but their fundamental skills of skating were superior to any other U8 skater at the jamboree.

One phone call to Andrei Krivokrasov and we were openly welcomed to see the facility and get an evaluation of our son.  It was apparent after one session of skating that our son lacked basic fundamentals in skating.  Andrei breaks down skating moves into fundamental parts such that the skater not only knows the skating move but learns how to manipulate their feet, change their weight, and use the whole blade of the skate and the position the stick should be in to perform the move.  Andrei’s teaching of skating is just like an English teacher breaking down the phonics of English to elementary students.  His ability to show each fundamental move to its perfection leaves no room for error when the student attempts to perform the move.  His attention to detail and personalized instruction to students who are having difficulties with the fundamental moves leads to success of the student becoming a better skater.

Needless to say, my son needed time with the Krivo School of Hockey process.  Through the following summer we were able to give our son 53 hours of skating in camps at the Krivo School of Hockey facility under Andrei and although our son is far away from becoming proficient at 8 years of age, two different Squirt teams have asked us for permission to have him skate up his last year of Mite hockey.

Thank you, Andrei for your knowledge of skating but more for your willingness to teach it at such a young age and expect perfection in skating.  Our son may not make it to the NHL or even get a scholarship to a college, but he will enjoy the game of hockey much more because he can fundamentally skate well and compete at a high level. Andrei Krivokrasov is Krivo School of Hockey, we will seek out Andrei to continue teaching our son for as long as our son wants to play hockey.

 Roger Lynn
Cheyenne WY